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Labour Party Pakistan starts Inkaar Tehreek (No Movement)

People of Lahore not to pay the new bus fares

Despite heavy raining, LPP activists gathered in front of a private bus stand at Railway Station Lahore area to protest the recent raise in Lahore bus fares. They appealed to the people of Lahore not to pay the revised bus fares. They demanded an immediate withdrawal of the increased oil prices. Many travelers joined the very live demonstration and agreed with the demand.... more




ITGLWF Condemns Jailing of Pakistan Power Loom Union Leaders

The International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers’ Federation has strongly condemned the brutal campaign waged by employers on workers and unions in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Speaking in Brussels the ITGLWF’s General Secretary Klaus Priegnitz said “In July this year workers in Faisalabad were forced to go on strike to secure a 17% pay increase that was adopted by Government but which employers refused to pay. Over 100,000 workers went on strike in Faisalabad and the surrounding areas. The employers responded by launching a brutal campaign of violence and intimidation seeking to silence workers and deny them their fundamental rights. As part of this campaign workers have been attacked by armed men employed by factory owners, some have been shot while others have been badly beaten. “

The Labour Education Foundation Director Khalid Mahmood highlighted the severity of attacks on workers. “The owners and their henchmen resorted to violence by throwing stones and bricks on the peaceful march of workers from one side of the protest, while police used tear gas shells on the workers from the other end. 25 workers were injured including Mr. Tahir Rana, the president of LQM Faisalabad district, who was critically injured. Around 100 workers were also arrested.”

Mr Priegnitz continued by stating “ This vicious campaign has now culminated in a decision by the Anti Terrorism Court to sentence 6 trade union leaders from the Labour Qaumi Movement (LQM) to a total of 490 years in jail on falsified charges. The involvement of the police and the judiciary in this process shows that Pakistan’s state agencies are actively working with employers to assist in the repression of fundamental human rights.”

Concluding Priegnitz called for “The immediate release of the union leaders and respect for the right of workers to organise and bargain collectively”





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