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Labour Party Pakistan starts Inkaar Tehreek (No Movement)

People of Lahore not to pay the new bus fares

Despite heavy raining, LPP activists gathered in front of a private bus stand at Railway Station Lahore area to protest the recent raise in Lahore bus fares. They appealed to the people of Lahore not to pay the revised bus fares. They demanded an immediate withdrawal of the increased oil prices. Many travelers joined the very live demonstration and agreed with the demand.... more




Labour Party Pakistan – Urgent Appeal Baluchistan
 Qalandar Memon (25th July 2010)
 Torrential rains have unleashed flash floods in different parts of Baluchistan over the few days.  Water levies broke leaving the people exposed to flood water. At least three villages in district Sibi have been destroyed. Houses, live-stock such as cattle’s and goats, household goods, clothes, shoes and other items have been destroyed. Residents of villages are currently without drinkable water, food, shelter and in need of clothes. 
In particular, the situation is dire for children and women and they are in desperate need of food and clothing. Disease is spreading fast in the areas affected due to lack of drinkable water. In particular, flu, fever, diarrhea, cholera have been noted and are spreading.   
The government’s response has made matters worse. They failed to act immediately, leaving tens of thousands of people unaided.  They came after twenty four hours to the make-shift camps with paltry amount of food bags to distribute. 
The gap between the food being distributed and the large number of people desperate to eat led to fighting breaking out making matters even worse for these desperate people.
Rubina Baluch, Women Secretary LPP Baluchistan, who is a resident of one of the affected villages said, ‘there is absolutely nothing left here – food, water, and clothing – and we are in desperate need of these’.  At least, 10, 000 people are said to be in suffering in these grave conditions. 
The Labour Party of Pakistan will be taking a convoy of goods to the affected people.  We appeal for donations urgently of a monetary kind or in the form of the following items:
Clothes (new)
Drinking water


For further information please contact:
03368035689 – Rubina Baluch (Women Secretary LPP Baluchistan)
03337042716 – Aziz Baluch (General Secretary LPP Baluchistan)


For more information, please contact  
03234160352 - Qalandar Memon (LPP)





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