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Labour Party Pakistan starts Inkaar Tehreek (No Movement)

People of Lahore not to pay the new bus fares

Despite heavy raining, LPP activists gathered in front of a private bus stand at Railway Station Lahore area to protest the recent raise in Lahore bus fares. They appealed to the people of Lahore not to pay the revised bus fares. They demanded an immediate withdrawal of the increased oil prices. Many travelers joined the very live demonstration and agreed with the demand.... more



Labour Relief Campaign

Flood Disaster in District Sibi

District Sibi is the historical place of Baluchistan. The main mountains range is Zen, Bhambhore and  Dungaan. The climatic and topography of Sibi District is quite varied compared to other districts of Baluchistan. It is also known as the "Hot spot" of Pakistan where the temperatures in the summer exceed far above normal over 50 °C. The Total population of sibi is 0.26 million (estimated for 2008) and major employments are agriculture and livestock.


Union Council Talli

Union council of Talli is the most populated area of district sibi and biggest village of the Balochsitan province, the total population of the village talli is above 25 thousand people.

On Thursday July 22, 2020 was very heavy rain on the deferent areas of district Sibi and nearest mountains of Kohlu Barkhan’ Thursday, early in the morning suddenly highly flash flood comes in Talli river  and destroyed the safety walls of village Talli and flood water entered in village Talli and nearest villages including village Sultan Kot, Killi Saveri Sabrani of union council talli, the villages are totally destroyed especially local crops has been destroyed goats and other animals are to be dead.

The rain fall has been continuing from July 22 to till update and major destruction are to be continued step by step and the affected peoples are still surviving same situations.


Village Talli Destructions

The destruction of the flood and impacts are mentioned in bellow

1-100% houses are totally destroyed.

2-20 thousand animals are dead and thousands acre of crops are destroyed.

3-Road’ Transportation, drinking water facilities, communication health and electricity facilities are to be disconnected.

4-one million stored seeds and wheat’s are to be extremely ruined in water.

5-All BHU’s and RHC’s are to be destroyed including male and female primary and high school are totally destroyed the estimated figure is 2 HRC’s 2 BHU’s 2 High schools female and 1 high school of male and more then 16 primary schools are extremely destroyed during the deadly flood.

Now three villages are surviving of the flood destructions and living in the sky without any shelter and food, regarding to recent news 02 females are dead and hundred peoples are injured in village talli, 2 female and 4  children’s were dead in village sultan kot and many peoples are misplaced during the flood,

District government doing some activities for saving the peoples lives but these aren’t providing satisfaction results.

Water level is above 80000 Qusic, according to the district irrigation and revenue departments the recent flood has broken the past flood records which was comes in 1978 with major destructions in village Talli.


Flood Affected Peoples Requirements & Needs

Recently the major requirement and highly needs of the flood affected peoples are mentioned in bellow

1-The providing relief to flood effected peoples are highly and urgent demand is food.

2-Second major need is pure drinking water.

3-After the flood there are many possibilities of spreading diseases in village talli in the first step there is urgent need of the vaccination and other health facilities to provide the flood effected peoples for saving their lives from diseases.

4-All houses are to be destroyed there is urgent need of the shelter and camps in village talli areas of talli.

5-Total by guess of the disaster in PKRS                1, 5000000000/-

6-According to the sanitation there would be need to the water pumping machines in village talli because village talli is like a cup and flood water has been stored in streets and houses in village talli.

7-There is highly need to start the rehabilitation process of the villagers in their village


LPP Team Work

In the first step, we have highlighted the disaster on international level for generating funds and providing earlier relief to flood affected peoples of village Talli and surrounding areas of union council Talli, we have communicated deferent institutes and government disaster management departments but we not have any kind of satisfaction results and early help for the flood affected peoples, in the step second we LPP Team have started work in local communities for funds generation for and help of the flood affected peoples and we have motivated and contacted some major social and government institutions and local women organization focal persons and visited door to door in deferent communities of district Sibi, district Bolan Much and district Quetta and  collected some food and non food items and distributed in flood affected peoples of Village Talli.

Team Strength

LPP Team has makes good coordination with deferent social and political institutions and especially builds coordination communication with district government representatives for further support and taking positive initiatives at local level.

LPP Team was including Rubina Bugti, Aziz Baloch and four females are participated in these activities.

Future Activities

LPP have generated some food and non food items and now going to distribute in flood affected peoples of village Talli as well as we are continued the coordination and communication with deferent political and social organizations govt. representatives and local communities for fund generation process for providing immediate support and relief in village Talli of district Sibi.

By: Rubina Bugti 03368035689  


Aziz Baluch general secretary LPP Baluchistan 





Labour Relief Campaign

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