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Nationwide Protest Against Militare   Here we go again: Another round of struggle against military dictatorship will start on 1st of September. The Lahore Bar Association has decided to come out again to demand an immediate end of military dictatorship of General Musharaf...more                 Anti-Musharraf Protests Will Mount
The recent strike called by the opposition political parties were the first most successful protest action in seven years of military...more


The Life in Underground November 2007: On 3rd November 2007, when General Musharaf declared an emergency and suspended the constitution, I was in Toba Tek Singh, a city around four hours from Lahore..... more
Comrade Asim Akhund member national committee LPP died

Over 2000 joined a rally in Lahore against Talbanisation and terrorism. The rally was organized by Citizens of Lahore, a loose platform of different social, political and trade unions organization. The rally started from General Post Office Chouck (GPO) and ended at Charing Cross on Mall Road Lahore. Majority of the participants were women and youth.  Slogans like "No to Talbanisation, no to terrorism, stop flogging women, behind terrorism is uniform, are dying of hunger because General Head Quarters (GHQ) is taking it all, no to religious fundamentalism, no to state terrorism, we want peace, people united will never be defeated" were raised by the participants.  A lot of banners and placards were carried by the rally participants. Asma Jehanghir, chairperson Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Salima Hashmi daughter of Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Ghulam Abbas of Pakistan Peoples Party, Yousaf Baluch chairman National Trade Union Federation, Tehseen of South Asia Partnership, Tanvir Jahan of Youth Commission for Human Development, Sher Mohammed of Swat, Iqbal Haider of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Jugnu Mohsan of Women Action Forum and myself spoke at the end of rally.  Speakers condemned the flogging of women in Swat and act of terrorism by religious fundamentalists. They also condemned the Drones attack by Americans as well. They announced to launch a national movement against Talbanisation of the society. Taliban are no anti imperialism, they are neo fascist and forces of suppression, we have to fight them. Terrorism can not be defeated by more terrorism. We have to mobilize people to fight the both" was the main theme of the speakers.  It was live broadcatsed by most of the television channels. Labour Party Pakistan, Labour Education Foundation, National Trade Union Federation and Women Workers Help Line mobilized several hundreds for the rally. The Key speaker was Asma Jehanghir, who lambasted the menace of extremist. She said the women of Pakistan will not tolerate the floggings of women. It is an open war with the fanatics. We will mobilize all over Pakistan. She condemned the PPP government for making so-called peace agreement with the fanatics in Swat.