Pointers That You Are So Hard On Yourself

Are there days that you feel as if you are not doing enough? It is a common feeling amongst many people, and some even end up comparing themselves with others in their circles. It is okay to feel the pressure, but sometimes you may be harming yourself without knowing. You may be pushing yourself too hard if you have any of the following traits.

You let your past always to define you

It is hard to forget where you have come from but do not let the dull moments of your past to always haunt you. Changing the past is impossible, but you can shape your future through the decisions you make today. Let your past be lessons to let handle life with caution. Avoid those people who always seem to drag back to your past.

You worry so much about other people

It is okay to be compassionate, but you should realize the moment people start to take advantage of you. It does not hurt to be a good person, but some people will take you for granted. You will rub people the wrong way once in a while but how you handle the situation is what matters. Learn to apologize and take charge of your life without hurting others. Avoid those people who want to take your goodness for granted and associate with those that you can create a mutual relationship.

You do not care about your wellbeing

You might think that working ten hours a day for six days a week might make you rich. However, your body also needs to rest if you want to lead a healthy life. Create time and do some simple exercises to keep your health in check. It is not a must to attend a commercial gym for intense work out routines because simple activities like dancing or jumping trampoline are equally beneficial to your body.

You do not know how to say no

It is not everything worth pursuing in this world. You should learn how to say no without worrying that you will hurt the feelings of others. Learn to differentiate what works for you from what does not.

Being so hard on yourself robs you the joy of the present moments. You will always find yourself being hounded by past events or even worrying so much about the future. It will also be hard for people to respect you when you depict low self-esteem.