Religious fanatics attack youth distributing leaflets on Iraq

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The religious fanatics Islami Jamiat Tulaba IJT, (Islamic Union of Students) the student wing of Jamaat-I-Islami (Islamic Party) have attacked youth distributing leaflets opposing war on Iraq at Karachi University. During two days of attack, on 6th and 7th March, gangsters from IJT have wounded five youth belonging to Progressive Youth Front (PYF). They include Toqeer, Inam, Masroor, Zain Ulabdeen.

PYF is a progressive youth organization set up by the supporters of Labour Party Pakistan. PYF is making impressive inroads at Karachi University. That was the main reason behind the attack on PYF youth by the religious fanatics. The attack shows a complete hypocrisy of the Islamic fundamentalists that they are anti imperialists. By attacking the real anti imperialist forces, the religious fanatics have shown their real nature of fascist tendencies in their approach toward politics.

On 9th March, activists of PYF and Jammu Kashmir Liberation front organized a demonstration against this brutal attack on the progressive youth at Karachi Press Club. The Citizen Committee against War condemned the attack in press conference. Anti War Committee Pakistan have also issued a press release condemning this attack. Labour Party Pakistan is making arrangements to hold demonstration across the country against this action of the religious fanatics.

Police in Karachi have not yet registered a case against the gangsters. On the contrary, there are reports that a police case is registered against the activists of PYF for kidnapping an IJT activist. That is a total lie.

Please condemn the attack and send your protest mails to The Vice Chancellor Karachi University

Asking him to investigate the incident and take action against those responsible.

Vice Chancellor
Tel: 92 21 9243131-42
Fax: 92-21-9243203 (VC Office)
Email: Vice Chancellor

By: Farooq Tariq
General Secretary
Labour Party Pakistan



LPP (For a democratic socialist Pakistan)

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