Demonstration against the “state of the Union” address of Bush

29-01-2021 Report by: Yousaf Baluch




Within hours of the “state of the union” address of American president Bush, on 29th January, scores of Labour Party Pakistan activists held a demonstration in front of American Consulate Lahore. They were protesting against the “declaration of war on Iraq”. The demonstrators were carrying play cards declaring the address of Bush as politicization of imperialist terror.

“Bush is a liar, Bush, we do not believe you, no justification to attack Iraq, state of the union address is a declaration of war, down with American imperialism, and war is no solution, were the main slogans that the demonstrators were chanting.

The demonstration attracted a lot of media attention and many photographers and reporters from the media came to listen what the demonstrators had to say. Unaware of the demonstration, the police arrived late on the spot, after the demonstrators had left.

The Anti War Committee Pakistan has called a meeting on Friday 31st January, to discuss the situation and to chart out the future plan of action.

Report by:
Yousaf Baluch


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