Hundreds Of working class women demonstrate against American imperialism in Lahore

08-03-2021 By Farooq Tariq




Over 500 women protested today in Lahore against the American aggression on Iraq. The demonstration was organised by Women Workers Help Line to commemorate the international day of women. The "women for peace" rally started from Shimla Pehari and eneded at the Charing Cross. Working class women from different part of the city were chanting slogans against the American war on Iraq. They were holding play cards with many slogans in this regard.

At the end of the rally, speakers warned Pakistani government not to support the second American resulation in the Security Council. They said women will suffer the most if the war starts. They lashed at the gangsterism of the religious fundamentalists at Karachi agaisnt the progressive youth, who were distributing the leaflets at Karachi University against war on Iraq today on 7th March. The speakers confirmed their support for 20th March rally by Anti War Committee Pakistan.

Speakers included Bushra Khaliq and Azra Shad of WWHL, Farooq Tariq labour Party Pakistan, Furrukh Suhail Goindi of Anti War Committee Pakistan and Shahtaj Qazalkbash of Joint Action Committee for Peoples Rights.


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