Labour Party Pakistan second congress vowed to fight against the rising tide of religious fanaticism





LPP second Congress took place at Lahore Hamdard Hall on 22/23rd March 2003.

The congress recognized the need to take up the challenge posed by the growing tide of religious fanaticism in Pakistan. It agreed to put up more efforts in the anti war movement. The LPP would organize demonstrations in more than 20 cities of Pakistan on 6th April 2003. The Anti war Movement must be built as part of the fight against imperialist globalization was the essence of the common position taken by the congress. The party also would take new initiatives to fight the privatizations of all the nationalized educational institutions. It also agreed to help the speed up the fight of the peasantry for the ownership rights of the tenants at the government owned land farms in Punjab.

A very live debate was witnessed on the first day of the congress on Pakistan perspectives. The main area of discussion was the reasons of the growth of the religious fanaticism, the nature of these groups, connections and relationship with the state and imperialism, the future and how effectively the LPP can fight against them. A view presented by a tiny minority that there has been no growth of the religious fanaticism, that is a bubble and that it is all but the state sponsored got almost no support from 26 speakers who came into discussion on the question. Majority argued that it a real danger and Party must come up with initiatives of a broad base progress alliance to fight against this menace.

Toqeer Gilani, Masrror Inam and Nisar Shah, the leaders of the progressive Youth Front, narrated their courageous fight against the religious fanatics at Karachi University and the follow up political campaign. They told the Congress that the attack of the gangsters of the Islamic students Association and their political fight back gave them tremendous respect not only in the University but also through the media, among the political circles of Karachi.

The leaders of Anjaman Mozarren Punjab (the Tenant Association of Punjab) thanked LPP for the timely help and told the congress this is the party we have learned a lot and that it is their party and will be with them at all times at all costs.

An emergency demonstration was organized against the American aggression on Iraq on the end of the first day of the congress. Many joined over 200 present at the demo during the walk from Litton Road top Qartab Chouck Lahore.

Solidarity messages from Revolutionary Communist League of France, Scottish Socialist Party of Scotland and Communist Party Of India Marxist Leninist. The leader of Afghan Revolutionary labour organization read a message of solidarity. The international messages and the guest were very well received by the delegates of the LPP congress.

The second day of LPP congress was mainly spent in discussion the several areas of work of the party. Trade Unions work was elaborated by comrade Yousaf Baluch in details. Party must gave full and consistence support to the works among trade unions. The work among the women was presented by Azra Shad, the chair person of Women Workers Help Line. She explained how WWHL has been able to mobilize hundreds of working class women against the war on Iraq. She also gave examples where WWHL helped successfully to raise the meager wages at different factories of Lahore and other areas of Pakistan.

Youth work among the students and working class youth must be the main priority of the year to come for the party. he who has the youth has the future the quote of Lenin was repeated several young comrades of PYF.

The sustainability of the cadres by education was stressed by several comrades during the discussions at this organizational session.

A 40 member national committee was elected at the congress representing all the provinces and areas of Pakistan. 192 attended the congress including 162 delegates from 31 different cities of Pakistan. The National Committee elected seven offices bearers of the central leadership of the party. They include
Farooq Tariq, general secretary,
Nazli Javed, joint secretary
Shoaib Bhatti, Chairperson
Ihsan Ali, senior vice chairperson
Naheed Afendi, vice chairperson
Javed Bhatti, information secretary
Mushtaq Goraya, finance secretary

A finance appeal at the congress raised over 49000 rupees ($850) including 29000 in cash. The registration and book sale raised another 7000 Rupees.

Comrade Farooq Tariq announced a donation of one million rupees ($15000) for the construction of the party office this year. The detail plan in this regard would be presented to all the comrades to donate for the first party owned building.

Farooq Tariq
general secretary
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