Labour Party Pakistan to organize demos in 21 cities on 6th April

1-04-2020 By: Javed Bhatti




LPP will organize demonstrations against the American led imperialist aggression on Iraq in 21 cities on 6th April 2003. The decision was taken by the newly elected leadership of Labour Party Pakistan. The leadership was elected on 23rd March at the second LPP congress held at Lahore. The LPP also decided to continue to help build a broader anti war movement through Anti War Committee Pakistan.

The anti war demonstrations will be held at the following cities on Sunday 6th April at 3pm.

Punjab province,

Lahore, Multan, Kanewal, Layya, Dera Ghazi Kahn, Chishtian, Deska, Mandi Bahuldin, Qasur, Toba Tek Singh and Rawalpindi

Sind province,

Karachi, Moro, Hyderabad, Jacobabad, Sakhar, Mir Pur Khas, Sanghar, .

Northern Areas: Gilgat,

Baluchistan province: Quetta,

Pakhtoon Khawa (NWFP): Murdan,

Several leaflets have been produced in different languages to invite the workers and youth to participate in the rally.

LPP in a statement on the issue of war urged progressives, radicals and left forces to rise up against the unprecedented act of terrorism by American and British led so called coalition forces on innocent Iraqi peoples. While sympathizing the innocent families who have lost their family members during the war, the LPP leadership saluted the bravery and courageous stand by the Iraqi people against the aggressors.

It condemned the Pakistan government so called neutral stand on Iraq while propagating that they are for peace. The Pakistan government should immediately expel the American ambassador and call back the Pakistan ambassador from USA and UK in protest. Pakistan should not provide any help to American and British forces by providing air space and other ground facilities to the imperialistsí forces.

It will not do so as it stands shoulder to shoulder with the American imperialism. The Pakistan government have implemented all the anti people economic and political policies dictated by the international monopolies and imperialist institutions. That has put a lot of burden on the masses. The same multi nationals and imperialist intuitions want to control the oil of Iraq and thus killing people.

LPP reject all the excuses of the American imperialism to justify the war on Iraq. This is sheer terrorism by Bush and Blair.

LPP leadership appreciated the call by several groups to stop work to stop the war. That is the only way forward to stop the war. While appreciating all the international demonstrations on war, the LPP leadership urge our brothers and sisters internationally to take the movement forward from just demonstrations. It call on American and British working class to stop work to stop the war. We will do that in Pakistan.

If you are one of the cities where the demos are organised, please help us to motivate more and more people to come to these demos. Please contact for the place of the demo in your city.

If you are not in one of these cities and want to organise a demo to be part of the national campaign, please contact us immidietly, we can send you some printed material for the demo.

For our foreign friends, please send a message of solidarity for these demos.

Report by Javed Bhatti
Information secretary
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