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05-05-2020 By: Farooq Tariq




Thousands of peasants belonging to Anjaman Mozareen Punjab (Tenants Association Punjab) are spending tonight (5th May) in the open, in front of Rangers headquarters at Okara. They were stopped by police and rangers to enter on the main GT Road. The peasants are demanding the release of their activists and oawnership rights.

Four activists of AMP, Shamoon Masih, Sadiq Masih, Amanual Masih and Shangara Masih were picked up by Rangers and police on 1st May. They were at sleep at their house outside the village when the police and rangers raided the house and arrested them. On 2nd May, another four Abdul Jabar, Mohammed Akram, Mohammed Sajad and Hanif Masih were picked from Okara city where they had taken their tractor and trolley for repair.

On 2nd April, the main leaders of AMP, Younas Iqbal, Dr. Christopher, Sajid Baluch and Fahim Ahmed were arrested from Lahore. They all are now facing several false charges of police encounter and so on.

The main crime of these peasants is to demand the ownership right of the land, they are cultivating over 100 years. The military occupied the land and is very much opposed to the idea of ownership. The movement of AMP for ownership rights is entering third year. Despite the fact that eight of them been killed, several hundreds arrested and framed on false charges, the movement goes on.

In the latest upsurge, the peasants including women and children decided to block the main GT Road from both sides of the road. A procession of several thousands started from Chack 4/L Okara and the other with the same numbers started from Chack 45 Okara. Police and rangers in large number stopped the demonstrators from moving forward. The AMP leaders then decided to have a sit in until the arrested Amp activists are released.

Till writing this report at 10pm on 5th May, the “sit in” goes on. The peasants have planned to move forward tomorrow to the main road despite all the threats and warning of the police in this regard.

The peasant movement has entered a new phase during this month with increased tensions. The Labour Party Pakistan and Alliance for Restoration of Democracy (ARD) were stopped by police on 7th April as they wanted to attend a peasant convention at Chack 10 Okara.

11 political parties and several social organizations have demanded from the government to stop harassment of the peasant and Labour Party Pakistan leadership. They have also supported the right of the peasant to own the land. The political parties included Pakistan Peoples Party, Pakistan Peoples Party Shaheed Bhutto, Labour Party Pakistan, Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party, Communist Party of Pakistan, National Workers Party, Istiqlal Party, Muslim League Qasim Group, Islamic Democratic Front, Peoples Rights Movement, Jamiat AShli Hadees, Khaksaar Tehrik.

Pakistan most known human right activists, Hina Jilani and Asma Jehangir Alongside with most of the radical social organization support the movement of the peasants and are actively taking part to defend them from state oppression. Four of the main leaders who had spent over six months in jail were released when Hina Jilani pleaded their case for bail at Lahore High Court last month.

More details will be posted to you later with the latest developments.

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