Comrade Srilata Swainathan was very warmly received at Lahore

29-08-2020 By: Javed Bhatti




Comrade Srilata Swainathan was very warmly received at Lahore upon her arrival from Delhi by Labour Party Pakistan, trade unions and social activists this evening on 29th August. She was part of the labor leaders delegation to attend the 'South Asian Labour for Peace conference' to be held at Karachi from 1st of September. The conference is organized by Pakistan Institute for Education and Research PILER Hand in hand with comrade Farooq Tariq general secretary LPP, she became the focus of attention of the media who were taking photographs for little some time. Long live the unity of the working class of Pakistan and India, workers of the world unite, east is red, down with American imperialism, long live the friendship of peoples of Pakistan and India, no war but peace, socialism zindabad, were some of the slogan raised at time.

Several hundreds activists of trade unions Anjaman Mozareen Punjab, the peasant movement at military farms, and LPP were present on the occasion. Red flags of LPP greeted the delegates of the conference. Srilata will speak to a seminar of education foundation at Karachi on religious fundamentalism on 31st September before the conference starts. She will visit the office of Women Workers Help Line and LPP tomorrow on 30th September in Lahore.

She alongside with the other delegates will be guest at the lunch of Pakistan Workers Confederation.

This is the first labour and trade unions leaders visits from India in some years. The visit will bring closer the movement of two countries. A more direct relationship will be build between the trade union movements of the two countries.

Javed bhatti
LPP Information secretary



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