Secrets for a Longer Lasting Tan

Many people around the world achieve their desired skin tan through various methods. For those who are lack access to adequate sunlight, tanning beds could offer an alternative. However, better options are available as well. You can find more information from this at Airbrush Tan. These options help many people keep their tan in winter whether the weather is cold.

If you desire to have that tinge of color on your skin, you could consider airbrush tanning because it provides a suitable alternative to obtaining that tan through natural sunlight. It can give you the appearance you deserve, as long as you engage a reliable expert to perform it. The following are tips you could follow to ensure that your tan lasts longer.

Shower before you tan

Before you visit a tanning specialist, it is advisable to shower first. Showering makes your skin moist and ready to absorb the mist for a deeper glow. On the other hand, showering immediately after tanning could reduce the amount of time that the effect could last. It also affects the appearance of the tan.


When you exfoliate before tanning, you increase the chances of making your tan last longer. The process of exfoliation takes you back to the previous step: start with a bath. After showering, use an exfoliation cloth or a special brush. Scrub your entire body to remove any dead skin layers and cells. Pay close attention to specific areas such as the knees, heels, ankles, wrists, and elbows. Once you are through with scrubbing, rinse the areas well using clean water, and dry yourself well.

You could also use a body wash with sugar or beads for a deeper scrub. From reliable suppliers, you can find relevant lotions with a special for exfoliating. In addition, experts also recommend various exfoliating tools such as polisher skin towel, pore cleanser, and facial cleansers. Several other tools exist include fine-scented scrubs that could help you achieve that soft and bronze glow.

Moisturize after showering

To improve the condition of the skin before tanning, it is advisable to moisturize your body after showering. You could also do better by applying lotion after every tanning visit. When you decide to use lotion, ensure that you apply a lotion with a bronzing element. This will blend well with your skin tan. You could seek guidance from an expert to direct you on the application of the lotion. Lotions with the bronzing effect produce faster results just within a few minutes after leaving the tanning bed.

In the end, tanning is good practice that is meant to bring out the tan of your desire. To get started, it is advisable to engage a specialist. However, with the mentioned tips, you could easily get the tan of your choice.