Wear Safety Helmets For The Welding Work

Safety helmets are needed to be worn during the electric welding process. Sparks released from the electric arc are harmful for the face and eyes. Welding arcs are powerful that consist of ultraviolet light, Infrared radiations and visible light. Thus, in order to keep your eyes and face protected, there is a need to wear the safety helmet. Welding helmets are strong enough to handle the heat from the welding arc and prevent the sparks from touching you. It reduces the chances of fire burns on your body. Welding Wolf gives a detailed view of different types of welding helmets.

 Technologically advanced helmets

When you go for buying the welding helmets, you will find uncountable options of it from lots of brands. But before picking any helmet, you should know that not all the helmets are same. Ordinary helmets are less effective in case of welding process. They get heat up very quickly that causes problem to weld. Technologically advanced helmets are the best choice for the buyers as these are capable of enhancing the productivity of welder. In the technologically advanced helmets, there is a digital clock and the digital panel that helps in determining the intensity of the electric arc and plasma so that its level can be adjusted.  Control panel is also there to adjust the helmet and the lens in the suitable direction. Alarm feature is also offered by the digital panel that gives the notification about the rest, activities, duration of work and meetings. In this way, the welder does not have to remove and adjust the helmet repeatedly.

Types of welding helmet

Modern welding helmets are available in two models. One is the passive and the other is auto darkening feature.

Passive welding helmet: This type of helmet has the dark lenses to provide protection to the welder right from the starting. When the welder starts to weld, they do not have to wait for the darkening of the lenses. Already darkened helmets are available in different shades of lenses so the welder can select the suitable lenses color for welding. The choice of color can depend on the color of the plasma released.

Auto darkening welder’s helmet: This type of helmet is suitable for different operational modes. Lenses get darkened on exposure to the plasma. Hence, this type of helmet is more flexible to use than the other types of welder’s helmet. Along with the auto darkening feature of the lens, this type of helmet is made up of strong fiber that makes it soundproof so that the users ears are saved from the noise released by cutting of the metals.