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Labour Party Pakistan starts Inkaar Tehreek (No Movement)

People of Lahore not to pay the new bus fares

Despite heavy raining, LPP activists gathered in front of a private bus stand at Railway Station Lahore area to protest the recent raise in Lahore bus fares. They appealed to the people of Lahore not to pay the revised bus fares. They demanded an immediate withdrawal of the increased oil prices. Many travelers joined the very live demonstration and agreed with the demand.... more



Latest News and Articles

Protest camp by telecommunication workers in Lahore BY:Farooq Tariq ( 5\08\2011) On 5th August, over 400 trade unions and political activists came to GPO Chouck in solidarity with the protesting Telecommunication workers. The call was made by National Trade Union Federation..... more updated.....

Learning from Muslim Fundamentalists                                               By: Farooq Tariq (24\07\2011) 32 years old Norwegian, Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 92 on 22nd July 2011 in Oslo has used similar techniques in bomb blast and shooting of the children from his most hatred enemy, the Muslim fundamentalist... more

MQM PPP alliance once again: no dignity in politics                     By: Farooq Tariq (19\07\2011) Perhaps never in history of political alliances, such U turns would have been witnessed as we see now with MQM returning to the government in Sindh.  The joining of MQM once again into the alliance makes politics of the.... more

Police blockade village on behalf of Rana Iqbal, the speaker of Punjab assembly, Injured women wait medical treatment, police arresting any one leaving the village: By: Farooq Tariq(7\05\2011) On 3rd May at 4pm Rana Mujib, son of Rana Mohammed Iqbal, the speaker of Punjab Assembly, entered a village Chah Dhaban Wala near Bhai Phero in Tehsil Patoki to occupy 12 acres of land along with dozens of gangsters.... more

Feelings of revenge will not end with Osama’s death, The Left view from Pakistan: By: Farooq Tariq(7\05\2011) In the first four days after Osama Bin Laden’s assassination, the mass reaction in Pakistan is very mixed. In Punjab there is a general sympathy towards Asama, however not many..... more

May Day 2011: A minimum wage of Rupees 15000 for eight hours a day: By; Farooq Tariq(29\04\2011) Since 1886 May Day has been the workers’ day across the globe “It is Resolved ... that eight hours shall constitute a legal day's labor from and after May 1, 1886” .The origin of May Day is.... more  

Media predilections, the case of MQM and AMP rallies:           By: Farooq Tariq(13\04\2011) There were two public rallies this month in Punjab. In both rallies, the numbers of participants were nearly equal. In both cases, over 10,000 participated in each of the rallies, One was organized by MQM in Lahore on 10th April... more

Top judges anti workers attitude: Now face the music of workers anger on 1st March, Labour Party Pakistan to organize a day of protest: By: Farooq Tariq (26\02\2010)
There are growing trends among the higher courts of Pakistan to show their anti workers anger whenever there is a case being heard on the issue of strikes, demonstrations, rallies and other means of peaceful protests. There is a different attitude... read more

The state of poverty and food sovereignty in South Asia: (07\02\2011) By: Farooq Tariq (The paper was read at the South Asian parliamentary round table Caucus held in Islamabad in 23-24th January 2011) The Parliamentary Round Table Caucus on food sovereignty in cooperation with the South..... read more

Formation of South Asian Parliamentary Forum On food sovereignty, Two days parliamentary conference demand land rights to the tillers: (24\01\2011) Two days round table caucus attend by parliamentarian and civil society representatives from five countries namely Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal. The two day caucus was organized by... read more

Labour Education Foundation (LEF) honoured with Silver Rose Award: We are happy to share the news that Labour Education Foundation (LEF) has been honoured with an international award called the SILVER ROSE AWARD in international.... read more

More than 500 participated in LPP Meeting swat KPK: By Farooq Ahmad(06\01\2011) A public meeting at Chaprial in Swat valley organized by Labour Party Pakistan Pukhtoon Khawa was attended by over 500. This was the first political public gathering in this area after a.... read more

There is no going back: Labour Party Pakistan stoutly condemns the brutal murder of Salman Taseer: By Farooq Tariq(04\01\2011) Labour Party Pakistan stoutly condemns the brutal murder of Salman Taseer, Governor of Punjab killed today by a security guard. We believe that it is not an...... read more

Building progressive politics in Swat: By the end of 2010, nearly 2000 have joined Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) in Swat Valley alone during a membership drive campaign launched by LPP Khaiber Pukhtoon Khawa (KP). Among them are over 350... read more

Telecommunication workers solidarity multi party conference Lahore: By Farooq Tariq ( 26\11\2010)
Over 40 trade unions, social movements and political parties met here in Lahore on 25th November in a PTCL workers solidarity multi party conference...... read more

Telecom unions under attack in Pakistan: By Farooq Tariq(11\11\2010) Following a strike at Pakistan Telecommunication (PTCL) that was brutally suppressed by the government, a wholesale witch hunt of union activists is taking place... read more

Norwegian artists donate 1.48 million rupees to flood victims: Cultural Life Buoy Campaign to raise funds concluded in Norway: Press Release – Lahore (26\10\2010) Several nationally known television and theater artists from Norway have collected rupees 1,480,135 in a bid to help the flood.... read more

Farooq Tariq: “The floods have revealed the real nature of poverty in Pakistan” 22 October by Stéphanie Jacquemont: An interview with Farooq Tariq, member of CADTM Pakistan, Labour Relief Campaign (LRC) and spokesperson for Labour Party Pakistan (LPP )-.... read more

Shout Out For Pakistan: Cancel the debts: Farooq Tariq (14\10\10) Over 100,000 leaflets are being distributed by a team of motivated 16 young activists in Lahore on Tangas (horse ridden carts). Today is the... read more

Four Days of activism on Global Week of Action vs Debt: October 14 will be the “Shout out for Pakistan Day” :The Tanga activism: Labour Relief Campaign is organizing four days of activism in Lahore in association with Oxfam.... read more

Lahore rally against foreign debts: Farooq Tariq (19\09\2010) We had a very vibrant rally with a lot of slogans and with full enthusiasm. The rally was... read more

Event: Flood Crisis, an alternate perspective …On September 28, 2020 Khalid Mahmood, Director of Labour Education Foundation (LEF), and member of Labour Relief Campaign (LRC)... read more

Foreign debt: The only way out: There are spaces in international laws that can be invoked as legal justification to demand cancellation of debt By Abdul Khaliq(14\09\2010) Pakistan is facing the worst-ever natural disaster more

Political parties demand debt cancellation, resolve to launch mass movement to refuse debt:Multi Party Conference against debt repayments:A Multiple Party Conference in Lahore decided to campaign against servicing to the masses and organize three rallies in... read more
Multi Party Conference against debt repayments:(26\08\10):Labour Relief Campaign has called a multi party conference on Sunday 29th August in Lahore. The conference will discuss the issue of repayments of the.... read more

It is over 20 million people affected by the flood now:  By Farooq Tariq(19\08\2010):The flood is still on dangerous levels in several parts of Pakistan. The numbers of people effected by the flood have crossed more

Pakistan must refuse debt repayments, divert amount for relief & rehabilitation of flood-hit communities: By Abdul Khaliq (13\08\2010)Pakistan must refuse to pay the foreign debts and divert the amount into the relief and rehabilitation of the flood affectees. It is high.... read more
Sindh Labour Relief Campaign: we have formed the Sindh Labour Relief Committee (SLRC) in extended emergency meeting of different organization at..... read more
Appeal issued on August 12, 2010: It is over 20 million people affected by the flood now: The flood is still on dangerous levels in several parts of Pakistan. The numbers of people effected by the flood have crossed 20 million... read more
Appeal issued on August 7, 2020  
More than 12 million people suffering from floods in Pakistan:
Please donate to Labour Relief Campaign to help people of Pakistan is facing worst ever floods of its history. Torrential rains have unleashed flash floods in different parts of the country since last three..... read more
Flood Disaster in District Sibi: District Sibi is the historical place of Baluchistan. The main mountains range is Zen, Bhambhore and  Dungaan. The climatic and topography of Sibi.... read more

Labour Party Pakistan – Urgent Appeal Baluchistan: Qalandar Memon (25th July 2010)
Torrential rains have unleashed flash floods in different parts of Baluchistan over the few days.  Water levies broke leaving the...
read more

The strike of power looms workers in Faisalabad enters the seventh day: Farooq Tariq (27\07\2010) All factories are closed. Today on 27th July, women workers demonstrated in front of the district administration more

The first victory: By Farooq Tariq(23\07\2010)This afternoon, after 17 days of strike by over 20,000 power looms workers in the Jhang district, the bosses agreed to meet the... read more

Thousands attends peasant rally: A three months notice have been given to Punjab government to decide the fate of the 68000 of agriculture land owned by more

10 Years of Tenants struggle in Punjab:Farooq Tariq(28\06\2010) Anjaman Mozareen Punjab is organizing a mass peasants rally on 29 June at Okara on the eve of 10 years of... read more

A look at the experience of the LPP and the Pakistani Left:ROUSSET Pierre(1 April 2010)        In the course of a two-week stay in Pakistan, I was able to take part, on ..... read more

COMMENT: Mazhar Ali Khan’s legacy: Viewpoint —Dr Mohammad Taqi: The state takeover of the PPL publications, their subsequent nationalisation and the eventual formation of the... read more

An election we never expected to win:By: Farooq Tariq (19\05\2010 ) :This was a bye election that none of us in the Pakistan Labour Party ever expected to win. Still..... read more
A Workers election Campaign against feudal and capitalists: On 1st May 2010, over 5000 industrial workers participated in a public meeting at Suddar in Faisalabad..... read more
Greeting May Day: Farooq Sulehria(1st may 2010)The May Day is venerated in summing up the victories attended by the working... read more
17 April: international day of peasants, AMP to demonstrate in Lahore: Anjaman Mozareen Punjab (Tenant Association Punjab) will organize a protest demonstration in Lahore on.... read more
By Eva Golinger Sunday, April 11, 2010 
Help us to put forward a credible alternative to the politics of the rich :An Appeal to all friends in Social and political circles: On 10 April 2010, Mian Abdul Qayum, a labour leader in more
Labour Party Pakistan to fight bye election in Faisalabad: Labour Party Pakistan has decided to contest the bye election of Punjab Assembly constituency PP 63. Mian more
The emergence of New Left in PakistanBy:       by Farooq Tariq
The four articles on the different aspects of the Left in Pakistan appearing on editorial pages of Daily Dawn is generating a lot more
Building the Labour Party Pakistan:By Farooq Tariq(21 Jan, 2010)The political perspectives of the LPP have been put to the test several times in a rapidly changing political situation.... read more
Building progressive space: we need your support now Labour Party Pakistan holding its fifth congress on 27-29 January 2010.On 29th January an international workers peasant’s... read more



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